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Scapular dyskinesis has been described as a common cause of shoulder injury and pain. However, critical appraisal of the literature hasn’t revealed the most conclusive evidence supporting this, leading many evidence-based advocates to doubt the relevance of dyskinesis as a meaningful cause of shoulder pain, our ability to change it, and whether it’s necessary or meaningful to try. But the research methods and exercise strategies used to address scapular dyskinesis in many of these studies are not without flaws, so I created this course to provide a clinical and critical review of the current literature, and to provide a better understanding of the connection between the scapula and thorax, its relationship postural stabilization, shoulder pain, and dysfunction, to provide a more comprehensive understanding and more accurate indicator for when scapular dyskinesis is contributing to or causing shoulder pain or dysfunction, and how to best address it. I’m really excited to share this course with you. I hope you enjoy the course and we’ll see you on the other side.
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