Why BFR Training?

  • Help patients move better

  • Safely program

  • Reach more patients

  • Train patients remotely

  • Expand your expertise

  • Maintain existing clients

What You'll Learn

13 Easy and Engaging Course Modules

 Course Overview 

Introducing the course, the three hurdles of blood flow restriction training and an overview of each of the different modules contained within the course.

 A Brief History of BFR

A brief contextual overview of how blood flow restriction training has gained popularity in both rehabilitation and fitness since its inception 50 years ago.

 The Science behind BFR

This module discusses the context and history surround the application of BFR in the rehab and fitness settings.

 The Consequence of Injury and Combating Disuse 

This module is about the consequence of injury & disuse on our musculo-skeletal system and what you can do as a BFR provider to address it.

 The Power of BFR Training

This module discusses the role of BFR training with respect to traditional low- and heavy-load strength training.

 Fatigue and Blood Flow Restriction Training

This module dives into fatigue and the importance of exertion in the muscle-building process.

 Primary Mechanisms of BFR Training 

This module covers the likely primary mechanisms behind why BFR training is so effective in building muscle and creating whole-body responses.

 BFR Safety

This module is all about safety and how the whole body responses affect certain populations that may be at a higher risk using BFR training above and beyond what you would normally expect in healthy individuals.

 Pillar 1 | Cell Swelling / IPC

This module covers pillar 1, cell swelling and ischemic pre- and post-conditioning. This module can help in not only augmenting performance in athletes, but minimizing the negative effects of disuse atrophy in our rehab populations.

 Pillar 2 | Aerobic Training 

This module covers pillar 2, aerobic training, and dives further into understanding the science of exercise under occlusion and how this may be able to put on muscle mass and strength while doing aerobic exercise

 Pillar 3 | Resistance Training

This module discusses pillar 3, resistance training and what the research says can be done to optimize muscle growth with low-load BFR training using loads between 20 – 40% 1RM.

 Programming BFR

This module is all about determining safe BFR application and integrating the pillars of BFR into a progressive, periodized model that can be incorporated in both the fitness and rehabilitation setting.

 Other BFR-Related Evidence 

This module sheds some light on the unique ways BFR is challenging our understanding of physiology, including its effect on tendon and bone adaption as well as its significant pain-relieving properties and augmenting sports performance.

 Summary and Wrap Up

This last module brings together everything that was covered in the course and makes some conclusions about the role of low-load BFR exercise in both fitness and rehabilitation settings.

Blood Flow Restriction Can Help Improve Patient Outcomes And Scale Your Business

This engaging and easy to follow course will provide health and performance professionals with the tools and scientific knowledge required to safely prescribe BFR training.
Introducing BFR into your practice will not only benefit your patients, it can also help you to scale your business by offering a new, effective specialization.

Meet Your Instructor...

Owner, The BFR Pros

Dr Nicholas Rolnick, PT, MS, CSCS

Specializing in performance enhancement and physical therapy, Nick is a adjunct professor of Kinesiology and Strength and Conditioning at Concordia University and Lehman College.

Outside of teaching, Nick is the co-founder and owner of the BFR Pros, one of the world's top BFR Course providers. Through his work, Nick has become one of the foremost authorities on Blood Flow Restriction, and runs BFR training workshops worldwide.

The BFR Pros' mission is to make the world a better place by helping people get back to the activities they love as quickly as possible and experience the joy of pain-free movement™.

That's Not All...

Here are $4,440 worth of additional  materials you get with the course

 Liability Waiver Form 

The BFR Pros have consulted with attorneys and created a liability waiver form you can use to protect you from litigation.

($500 Value)

 BFR Patient Screening Form

We have created a patient screening form to determine appropriate BFR training for rehab patients.

($500 Value)


We have created a patient screening form to determine appropriate BFR training for rehab patients.

($50 Value)

 List of Precautions and Contraindications 

We have compiled a list of the many precautions and contraindications that exist for BFR training.

($50 Value)

BFR Nutritional Recommendations

We created evidence-based nutrition recommendations from the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

($50 Value)

BFR Programming for Different Types of Athletes

This document includes aerobic and resistance BFR training programs you can use for use with your patients.

($50 Value)

BFR Device Discount Codes 
Interested in investing in BFR devices for your practice? We have negotiated discounts on BFR cuffs for all of our enrolled students.

(Up To $640 Value)

Module By Module Bibliography
If you want to learn even more about the science behind BFR, we have provided bibliographies and supplemental reading references.

(Up To $200 Value)

Downloadable Course PDF
For those who want access to the content offline, you can download PDF copies of every one of the course modules.

 BFR Training Marketing Video 

Want to get your patients excited about BFR? We have created an explainer video to help educate your patients on the benefits of BFR.

($200 Value)

Private Facebook Group
Have questions & want to stay informed on the latest information on BFR, then join our private Facebook group. Attend live calls with Nick monthly.

($2,000+ Value)

What Our Students Have To Say!

Would 100% Recommend!

Dr. Clinton H. Lee, PT, DPT, CSCS
Owner, PhysioStrength

"I chose to take The BFR Pros' blood flow restriction course over other companies such as Owens Recovery Science & Smart Tools because of how the former is continually staying up-to-date with emerging BFR research and implementing it into the course. I found the course material to be extremely thorough, ranging from topics such as exercise physiology & hypertrophy science to various clinical applications of blood flow restriction. I felt 100% confident in implementing the course’s teachings on Monday morning with my patients. Would 100% recommend."

Nick's knowledge base is exceptional!

Dr. Keith Steigbigel, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS
Owner ,Prolete Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

"I have had the pleasure to work with Dr. Nicholas Rolnick using Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training for my Sports Medicine PT office. He has provided training for myself and staff in the use of BFR along with the best application of using it. His knowledge base is exceptional which is highlighted by his ability to deliver the materiel in a concise and methodical manner. This modality is a game changer for getting your athletes and orthopaedic patients back stronger and at times faster. If considering implementing BFR into your practice, The BFR Pros and Dr Rolnick's years of experience and knowledge base is the way to go!"

Understanding of when BFR is best

Dr. Brian D Whyte DPT., CLT., CSCS
Owner, Perfusion Point Therapy

The BFR Pros course led by Dr. Nicholas Rolnick was excellent. It helped me to gain a sound knowledge base for implementing Blood Flow Restriction in the clinic and the understanding of when BFR can be best utilized for optimal outcomes.

BFR has become a well used tool

Benjamin Toderico MS, CSCS
Owner ,BT Fitness

"Dr. Rolnick is a passionate instructor who optimizes the blend of science and practice which enabled me to utilize BFR training immediately. Because of Dr. Rolnick’s instruction BFR training has become a well used tool with my special population clients as well.”

Learn from the best in the business


To Make Our World A Better And Happier Place!
We do this by using our skill as Rehab Professionals and Strength Educators to make a positive difference in the lives of people by helping them accelerate their recovery back to the activities they love or by helping them optimize their performance in the quickest way achievable.

BFR: It’s Not IF. It’s WHEN!
The Demand for BFR is Growing and we help Rehab Specialists get Ready.

We accomplish this by:
• Providing Fitness and Rehab Professionals the most enjoyable, unbiased evidence-based Private Live Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training Workshops, Webinars, and On Demand On-Line Courses possible.
• Helping our students overcome the three hurdles to successful BFR Training and give them the confidence needed to grow their BFR Practice.

We consider ourselves educators first and try to teach the most current of modalities/therapies that pass the test of time through unbiased evidence-based research and amazing anecdotal stories so our patients can experience BFR: Better For Results™.

Even though BFR has been around over 50 years, it is just now becoming mainstream. And it is also the fastest growing trend in fitness according to a recent March 2019 article in Forbes Magazine.

By offering BFR Training as a tool in your professional toolbox, you can help your existing and new clients accelerate their performance & recovery and accelerate the growth of your business as well.

So Together, let’s all do our part to make this world a better, happier place.

Thank you.


"Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training Is The Next Big Fitness Trend"

- Forbes, March 2019