21 Hours of Kettlebell Content

The most complete online kettlebell resource you'll find, for both therapists and trainers alike.

Load Bridges the Gap

Gain a grasp on real-world models for how to regress AND progress kettlebell training to close the gap between the clinic and the gym. Your athletes will feel better and your Gramma will be setting all-time PRs.

Let's Get Evidency

Learn what the research says, what it doesn’t say, and where we can learn from other disciplines in our use of kettlebells. There's tradition, and then there's science, and the middle ground is the oh-so-sweet spot.

But Does Form Even Matter?

Understand what proper and poor technique look like and when (and why!?) it matters. Get ready for biomechanics, rate of loading, and timing. Goniometers not welcome.

Wait, But Why?

Understand the nuances of kettlebells as an implement and why/how you should use them with your clients, while understanding  the cues that are most likely to bring about the desired movement outcomes.

Because Training = Rehab

Learn kettlebell training from both ends of the spectrum: detrained and rehab oriented, all the way to fitness and performance oriented. Let's get real, those are not two ends of a spectrum, they are often the same person.

You'll learn all the traditional movements

The full gamut of kettlebell movements is explained, demonstrated and studied in detail

  • Kettlebell Deadlift

  • Kettlebell Swing

  • Kettlebell Clean

  • Turkish Getup

  • Kettlebell Arm Bar

  • Goblet Squat

  • Kettlebell Snatch

But you'll also learn a variety of other options

We are movement optimists. We're going to arm you with the tools you need to load up a human being with kettlebells using much more than only the traditional movement

  • Single Leg Deadlifts

  • Kettlebell Swing Varieties

  • Multiple Squat options

  • Czech Getup

  • Tactical Getup

  • Technical Standup

  • Systematic Approach to Loaded Carries

  • Developmental/Stability Arm Bar

  • Multiple Kettlebell Clean Options

  • And many many more...

There's so much in here...

  • 13+ Hours of video

  • 5+ Hours of Suggested Practice

  • 50+ Peer Reviewed Articles to read

    (mostly optional)

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    A Clinical and Biomechanical Breakdown of the Kettlebell Swing.

  • 3


    • Breathing Notes

    • Breathing Lecture

    • Breathing via Position and Eccentric Activation of the Abdominal Wall

    • Biomechanical Breathing Match - Reason for Timing the Inhale

    • Interesting Read: Kime and the Moving Body - Somatic Codes in Japanese Martial Arts

    • EXTRA: Alternative Lecture on Biomechanical Breathing Match

    • Peer Reviewed: Greater diaphragm fatigability in individuals with recurrent low back pain


    • Peer Reviewed: Postural Function of the Diaphragm in Persons With and Without Chronic Low Back Pain

    • Peer Reviewed: Stabilizing Function Of The Diaphragm: Dynamic MRI And Synchronized Spirometric Assessment

    • Peer Reviewed: Analysis of Diaphragm Movement during Tidal Breathing and during its Activation while Breath Holding Using MRI Synchronized with Spirometry

    • Peer Reviewed: Contraction Of The Human Diaphragm During Rapid Postural Adjustments

    • Peer Reviewed: Voice Production during a Weightlifting and Support Task

    • Peer Reviewed: The Effects Of Forced Exhalation And Inhalation, Grunting, And Valsalva Maneuver On Forehand Force In Collegiate Tennis Players

    • Peer Reviewed: The Perception of Benefit of Vocalization on Performance When Producing Maximum Effort

    • Peer Reviewed: Grunting In Tennis Increases Ball Velocity But Not Oxygen Cost

    • Peer Reviewed: Investigation of the Breathing Pattern Structure in Competitive Exercises of Kettlebell Lifters

  • 4

    Tension & Relaxation

    • Tension & Relaxation

    • Peer Reviewed: Evidence Of A Double Peak In Muscle Activation To Enhance Strike Speed And Force: An Example With Elite Mixed Martial Arts Fighters

  • 5

    Position, Risk, Movement Strategy

    • Position Notes

    • Position & Risk Lecture

    • Risk and Position Quiz

  • 6

    Hip Hinge

  • 7


    • Deadlift Notes

    • Deadlift Lecture

    • Recommended Practice: Deadlifts

    • Deadlift Breakout

    • Peer Reviewed: Anthropometry and the Deadlift

    • Peer Reviewed: Effects of Kettlebell Swing vs. Explosive Deadlift Training on Strength and Power

    • Peer Reviewed: Electromyographic activity in deadlift exercise and its variants. A systematic review (2020)

  • 8

    Load Bridges the Gap

    • Load & Cueing Notes

    • Load Bridges the Gap & The 3 Ways That Load Changes How We Move

    • Peer Reviewed: Sticks and Stones: The Impact of Language in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

    • Cueing 101: The Assumptions in our Cues and Lingo

    • Internal vs External Cueing

    • Loading Quiz

  • 9

    Attentional Focus

  • 10


    • Coaching Checklist: The Kettlebell Swing

    • Swing Notes

    • Intro to Swings & Hand Launcher

    • Hike Pass Repeats

    • Swing Singles

    • Kettlebell Swing

    • Single Hand Swings

    • Recommended Practice: Swings

  • 11

    Swings Continued

  • 12

    Swing Supplementary Material

    • Peer Reviewed: Kettlebell Swing, Snatch, And Bottoms-up Carry: Back And Hip Muscle Activation, Motion, And Low Back Loads

    • Peer Reviewed: Changes in the medial–lateral hamstring activation ratio with foot rotation during lower limb exercise

    • Peer Reviewed: Core Muscle Activation In One-armed And Two-armed Kettlebell Swing

    • Peer Reviewed: Kettlebell Swing Targets Semitendinosus And Supine Leg Curl Targets Biceps Femoris- An EMG Study With Rehabilitation Implications

    • Peer Reviewed: EMG Of Lower Limb Muscles During Kettlebell Exercises

    • Peer Reviewed: Impact of exercise selection on hamstring muscle activation

    • Peer Reviewed: Kinematic Comparisons of Kettlebell Two-Arm Swings by Skill Level

    • Peer Reviewed: Kinematic And Kinetic Variables Differ Between Kettlebell Swing Styles

    • Peer Reviewed: Hamstring myoelectrical activity during three different kettlebell swing exercises

    • Peer Reviewed: Electromyographical Comparison Of Muscle Activation Patterns Across Three Commonly Performed Kettlebell Exercises

    • Peer Reviewed: EMG Analysis and Sagittal Plane Kinematics of the Two-Handed and Single-Handed KB Swing: A Descriptive Study

    • Peer Reviewed: Biomechanical Loading Of The AMERICAN Kettlebell Swing

    • Peer Reviewed: Trunk Muscle Activity in One- and Two-Armed American Kettlebell Swing in Resistance-Trained Men

    • Peer Reviewed: Effects Of Kettlebell Mass On Lower-body Joint Kinetics During A Kettlebell Swing Exercise

    • Swing Breakout (with some cleans as well)

  • 13

    Goblet Squat

    • Goblet Squat

    • BONUS: Dan John - Inventor of the Goblet Squat

    • Recommended Practice: Goblets Squat

  • 14


  • 15

    Sticks & Stones

    • Sticks & Stones Notes

    • Therapeutic Alliance

    • Therapeutic Emplotment

    • Peer Reviewed: A Review Of Therapist Characteristics And Techniques Positively Impacting The Therapeutic Alliance

    • Peer Reviewed: Therapeutic Alliance Predicts Symptomatic Improvement Session by Session

    • Peer Reviewed: Relation of the Therapeutic Alliance With Outcome and Other Variables: A Meta-Analytic Review

    • Peer Reviewed: Therapeutic Alliance Facilitates Adherence To Physiotherapy-led Exercise And Physical Activity For Older Adults With Knee Pain: A Longitudinal Qualitative Study

    • Peer Reviewed: A Review Of Therapist Characteristics And Techniques Negatively Impacting The Therapeutic Alliance

  • 16

    Movement Options

    • Movement Options Notes

    • Movement Options 1 (Squats)

    • Breakout Sample: U/L Front Squat

    • Movement Options 2 (DL and Capture)

    • BONUS: Capturing Breakout (Volume very low)

    • Movement Options 3 (Squat Swing)

    • Recommended Practice: Movement Options

  • 17

    Quick Recap

    • BONUS: Quick Review of Principles

  • 18


    • Pressing Notes

    • Modern Thinking - Pressing kettlebells

    • Review of cleans - Pressing

    • Pressing 1 (Progressions)

    • Both arms - SA:DA

    • Pressing 2 (Plus)

    • Pressing Quiz

    • Recommended Practice: Pressing

    • Workout Sample 6 (OH Press)

    • BONUS: Alternative Pressing Lecture

    • Peer Reviewed: Weightlifting Overhead Pressing Derivatives: A Review of the Literature

    • Peer Reviewed: Comparison of Muscle Activation during an Overhead Press: Kettlebell v. Dumbbell

    • Peer Reviewed: Surface Electromyographic Analysis of Exercises for the Trapezius and Serratus Anterior Muscles

    • Peer Reviewed: Stability of Resistance Training Implement alters EMG Activity during the Overhead Press

  • 19


    • Snatch Notes

    • Snatch Lecture: Intro

    • Snatch Lecture: Progression to the Snatch.

    • Progressions to the Snatch

    • Snatch Lecture & Breakouts: Taming the Arc and Eccentric Portion

    • Slow Motion Snatch (For Reference)

    • Hand Ripping and the way down in the Snatch

    • Full Sets of Snatches!

    • Snatch Quiz

    • Recommended Practice: Snatch

    • BONUS: Alternative Snatch Lecture

    • BONUS: Applied Snatch Strategy

    • Peer Reviewed: External kinetics of the kettlebell snatch in amateur lifters (Sport Style Snatch)

  • 20

    Arm Bar

    • Arm Bar Notes

    • Arm Bar Part 1

    • Arm Bar Part 2

    • Peer Reviewed: The Kettlebell Arm Bar

    • BONUS: Arm Bar Alternative Lecture Part 1

    • BONUS: Arm Bar Alternative Lecture Part 2 (Ft Mike's Ass!)

    • Arm Bar DNS Integration w Michael Maxwell

    • BONUS: Arm Bar Breakout Footage

    • Recommended Practice: Arm Bar

  • 21


    • Getup Notes

    • Turkish Getups Part 1

    • Turkish Getups Partt 2

    • Getup Variations and Options

    • Getup Quiz

    • Recommended Practice: Getups

    • BONUS: Turkish Getup Pattern Assist

    • BONUS: Alternative Lecture Part 1 and Bottom Half Breakout

    • BONUS: Alternative Lecture on other Getup Types

    • BONUS: Getup Breakout

    • Peer Reviewed: A Descriptive Analysis Of Shoulder Muscle Activities During 2 Individual Stages Of The Turkish Get-up Exercise

    • Peer Reviewed: Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up: Training Tool for Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement

  • 22

    Loaded Carries

    • Loaded Carries Notes

    • Loaded Carries Lecture Part 1

    • Loaded Carries Lecture Part 2

    • Loaded Carries Lecture Part 3

    • Loaded Carries Lecture Part 4

    • Loaded Carries Lecture Part 5

    • Loaded Carries Matrix

    • Loaded Carries Quiz

    • BONUS: Weighted Carries Breakout (B/L FR)

    • BONUS: Loaded Carries Bonus Lecture (Sheer & Shift)

    • Loaded Carries Bonus Lecture (Quiet Walking Focus)

    • Double FR Loaded Carry Sample

    • BONUS: Loaded Carries Breakout Video (Carries and Planes)

    • BONUS: RNT Training the Carry

    • BONUS: Loaded Carry Breakout 2 (OH Carries)

    • BONUS: Loaded Carries Workout Sample (Loaded Carries)

    • Peer Reviewed: Surface Electromyographic Analysis Of Differential Effects In Kettlebell Carries For The Serratus Anterior Muscles

  • 23

    Application Session

    • Application Session Part 1

    • Application session Part 2

    • Application Session Part 3

    • BONUS: Lecture Corrective Recap and Shoulder Case Study

  • 24



I have taken KB courses from other well known certifications, and this course far exceeded my expectations.

Michael Tankovich, PT, DPT, LAT, ATC, CSCS, FAFS, FRCms

Ben Stevens’ Kettlebells for Clinicians course is top notch. I have taken KB courses from other well known certifications, and this course far exceeded my expectations. Ben presents a program that will help a KB novice hone their skills and gain the ability to correctly coach a variety of movements while still providing valuable insights and ideas for the seasoned pro. Ben evaluates the needs and goals of the individual and finds the best technique for the situation. He has distilled a great deal of valuable methods for both KB training and rehab from a variety of sources into an entertaining and thought provoking weekend. Whether you’re a strength coach with multiple KB certifications or a rehab professional who has never touched a KB, you will find great value in this course.

Sign up for this course, you won’t be disappointed!!

Jim Kurtz, DC, DACBSP, DACRB Team Chiropractor Seattle Seahawks

I can’t recommend Dr Steven’s KB for Clinicians course enough. He blends several different KB styles and reviews the latest research on KB training, and teaches you how to use KB to get your patients better fast. The course is super fun and interactive with plenty of hands on work to keep attendees highly engaged. Sign up for this course, you won’t be disappointed!!!

Creating something amazing while still maintaining an evidence based framework

Marko Sabo, Movement Coach

If you're looking for a silver bullet or the next new gimmick, you won't find it here. What you will find is a course that pushes the needle in the right direction when it comes to human movement and effective loading. There is a non dogmatic, open source approach that allows different disciplines to overlap, in turn creating something amazing while still maintaining an evidence based framework. Within that, Dr. Ben injects an enlightening client centered therapeutic aspect that is appropriate for any professional taking this course - whether you are a personal trainer, conditioning coach, massage therapist or a chiropractor, you will find something great to take home with you and apply in your own field, in your own way.

I loved It!

Sarah Black, Para Performance Manager at Athletics Canada

"I loved it! Not only the mechanics of the KBS and who it may be good/not good for, but using it as a tool for rehab that forces the body to self organize and load what you want versus trying to explain these subtle movements like eversion etc is so valuable. Not only for another assessment / tool to bridge the gap to training, but also to make rehab more fun and helping people feel strong. It was easy to go through the course and say “this will be perfect for so and so” and actually jotted down those notes throughout the weekend so I could implement them right away.”

Bonus material

We want you to leave here better scientifically, tactically, foundationally, and relationally.

  • 50+ Downloadable Peer-Reviewed Articles

    We couldn't call it Kettlebell Science and not give you access to the full gamut of peer-reviewed literature. Fully downloadable and sometimes pre-highlighted for you, you'll have the opportunity to learn about much more than just the basics of a kettlebell swing.

  • Alternative and Supplementary Lectures

    This course has been taught in person, dozens of times over the last 5 years, each time with a unique lecture, a unique crowd, and updated approach. We've decided to include multiple extra lectures from live courses over the years as an added bonus to solidify your learning.

  • Much more than Kettlebells

    If you thought you were here to simply learn some cool Instagram tricks, you're sadly mistaken. We've included sections that will enhance the foundations of your job as a trainer or therapist, including coaching & cueing, sticks and stones, and therapeutic alliance/emplotment.

Why this course?

Because #science.

If you want to learn kettlebells as they apply in a wide variety of settings from rehab to performance, rather than learning the narrower "right" (*cough*cough*) way to do it, then this course is for you. We approach kettlebells as movement optimists, utilizing what we know from the research and clinical experience to integrate kettlebell systems into the broader landscape of what is going on in the performance a rehab worlds today. We teach just as many principles as we do techniques. We gives you tools and make sure you understand where they fit in the toolbox. After learning kettlebells with us, you won't just know how, but more importantly you'll know why and when to use kettlebells.



Benjamin Stevens

Dr Stevens has taught and attended hundreds of courses all across North America on a broad array of topics. He found his way to Somatic Senses naturally through continual involvement in the industry and drive to improve. In operating Somatic Senses, he aims to find the impactful, evidence-based and/or cutting edge approaches to health and bring them to the masses through course work. Dr Stevens has presented on a variety of topics for a wide variety of organizations such as professional sports teams, national and provincial health associations, as well as plethora private groups of trainers and therapists. He resides in Kelowna, BC where current areas of interest include neuroscience, concussion, Blood Flow Restriction, Return to Sport, and Strength & Conditioning. In his spare time you'll find him in the gym, touring the backcountry (summer and winter alike), juggling kettlebells at the beach, or spending lots of time with his wife and daughter.

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