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Why "Flex" Diet?

It won't make you bendy, but it will make you a physiological powerhouse.

The Flex Diet is based on the principles of Metabolic Flexibility, our body's physiological ability to select and use any fuel source at the appropriate time and ratio. The best athletes in the world do it, but this plays a role in longevity and overall markers f health, not to mention body composition. Whether you work with athletes or grammar, weekend warriors or church potatoes, understanding the body's ability to use what it's fed is fundamental for the overall health and performance of your clients.

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Course curriculum

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    • Welcome to the Flex Diet!

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    Chapter 1: Fats vs Carbs

    • 1. Metabolic Flexibility: Fats vs Carbs – Which is the best fuel for more muscle and better body composition?

    • 2. Audio: Macro Matching for Metabolic Flexibility

    • 3. Audio: Long Term Weight Loss 1: The misunderstood role of muscle and calories burned

    • 4. Audio: Long Term Weight Loss 2: Energy Flux Concept - Low vs High - Adherence

    • 5. Audio: Long Term Weight Loss 3: Why Walking More and More Will Not Help

    • 6. Audio: Long Term Weight Loss 4: Metabolic Flexibility and Energy Flux - Keys to Long-term Weight Loss Success

    • Chapter 1 Quiz

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    Chapter 2: Metabolic Flexibility and Intermittent Fasting: Survive to Thrive

    • 1. VIDEO: Metabolic Flexibility and Intermittent Fasting: Survive to Thrive

    • 2. Audio: Met Flex for Fuel 1: Metabolic Flexibility Overview

    • 3. Audio: Met Flex for Fuel 2: Fat As Fuel

    • 4. Audio: Met Flex for Fuel 3: Ketones

    • 5. Audio: Met Flex for Fuel 4: Carbohydrates for Fuel

    • 6. Audio: Met Flex for Fuel 5: Lactate (aka Lactic Acid)

    • Chapter 2 Quiz

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    Chapter 3: The Beneficial Role of Fasted Cardio to Increase Metabolic Flexibility and Improve Body Comp + Health

    • 1. VIDEO: The Beneficial Role of Fasted Cardio to Increase Metabolic Flexibility and Improve Body Comp + Health

    • 2. Audio: Cardio 1: Why you can NOT just lift weights faster for cardio

    • 3. Audio: Cardio 2: Cardiac Adaptations - Concentric vs Eccentric Hypertrophy

    • 4. Audio:  Fasted Cardio 1: Fasted vs Fed cardio for fat loss and health

    • 5. Audio: Fasted Cardio 2: Why You May Suck at Using Fat as a Fuel

    • 6. Audio: Fasted Cardio 3: Long Term Effects of Fasted Cardio

    • 7. Audio: Fasted Cardio 4: It's Easier to Do Fasted Cardio

    • 8. Audio: Fasted Cardio 5: Fat Use is a Marker of Metabolic Health

    • Chapter 3 Quiz

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    Chapter 4: The Role of Sleep in Metabolic Flexibility: Survive to Thrive

  • 6

    Chapter 5: BONUS: Expert Roundtable on Aerobic Training & Conditioning for Lifters

    • Round 1: Cardio & Aerobic Training for Lifters with Mike T Nelson, Alex Viada, and Luke Leaman

    • Round 2: Cardio & Aerobic Training for Lifters with Mike T Nelson, Alex Viada, and Luke Leaman

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Dr Michael T Nelson PhD MSME, CSCS, CISSN

Dr Mike T. Nelson is a research fanatic who specializes in metabolic flexibility and heart rate variability, as well as an online trainer, adjunct professor, faculty member at the Carrick Institute, presenter, creator of the Flex Diet Cert, kiteboarder, and (somewhat incongruously) heavy-metal enthusiast. The techniques he's developed, and the results Mike gets for his clients have been featured in international magazines, in scientific publications, and on websites across the globe. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, lifting odd objects, reading research, and kiteboarding as much as possible. You can find out more about him at his website at www.miketnelson.com

WARNING: This course is not designed for everyone. I teach real science and the effective application of that science. While the fitness enthusiast can certainly take this course, it's designed for professionals in the health space who are looking for a deeper understanding and a complete approach to macronutrients and fuelling. 


  • Is this another fad diet, like Keto, Carnivore, Grapefruit,, Atkins, Weight Watchers, etc?

    Hello no! For one, was your last diet guided and educated by a Ph.D. and world-leading expert on the topic? Didn't think so. The Flex Diet is not even an actual "diet" in the common usage of the word. It is an approach to fueling performance, health, body composition changes, and longevity. The Flex Diet is not a what (eat this, not that), it's a how and why (when to eat what for specific outcomes). There is nothing for you to buy (besides knowledge), no club to join, and no secret handshake. Just fundamental understanding of human physiology and how we use the different fuel sources.

  • Is this a certification?

    No, it is not. Dr Mike T Nelson has longer, larger version of this course that he only delivers at specific intervals to pre-screened participants. If you take this course and then decide you want to go further into the material in Dr Mike's inner circle, then we can provide with a discount for his longer certification.

  • Wait, I thought carbs were bad? Or was it Fat? What about Ketones?

    You know the sign of a great educator? Their answer is commonly "it depends". What's so special about this course is that it's based on understanding physiology, not on a "system". Carbs are good. Fats are good. Protein is good. Ketones are good. Lactic Acid is even good *gasp*. But which one is better and when? Well, IT DEPENDS. This course is all about exploring the fundamental basis of "it depends" in the context of every type of fuel, how and when we use them, and the many factors that affect their utilization.

Let's do it!

Health, Performance, Longevity, it's all influenced by how we fuel. Learn from one of the leading experts on Metabolic Flexibility and fuelling humans!