6 Hours of Radiology Including 3 Hours of MRI

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  • Introduction and course summary

    Review of radiography and MRI of the adult spine and musculoskeletal system.

  • Imaging Modality Review

    A review of various diagnostic imaging modalities, their indications and contraindications, limitations, and benefits.

  • How It's Done: Radiography

    How to evaluate radiographs, focused on spine and joints, but also chest radiographs.

  • How It's Done: Spine MRI

    How to evaluate cervical and lumbar spine MRI studies.

  • How It's Done: Shoulder MRI

    How to systematically evaluate a shoulder MRI

  • How It's Done: Knee MRI

    How to systematically evaluate a knee MRI

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction and Course Summary

  • 2

    Imaging Modality Review

    • Imaging Modality Review

    • Hour 2 Quiz

  • 3

    How I Do It: Radiography

    • How I Do It: Radiography

    • Hour 3 Quiz

  • 4

    How I Do It: Spine MRI

    • How I Do It: Spine MRI

    • Hour 4 Quiz

  • 5

    How I Do It: Shoulder MRI

    • How I Do It: Shoulder MRI

    • Hour 5 Quiz

  • 6

    How I Do It: Knee MRI

    • How I Do It: Knee MRI

    • Hour 6 Quiz



Dr. Tao was born in Ottawa, Canada, and has been in private radiology practice for 16 years in Orange County, California, serving chiropractors throughout the United States, Canada, and beyond. Following graduation from National in Chicago, Dr. Tao completed his 3-year full-time radiology residency at LACC and then did a full-time musculoskeletal radiology research fellowship training at UCI Medical Center in Orange, California. He is an internationally sought after speaker, and is published, both in chiropractic and medical literature, on the topic of chiropractic, spine, and musculoskeletal radiology. Dr. Tao is part-time voluntary faculty at LACC and a former voluntary instructor of radiology at the UCI Medical Center. He is married with a toddler, and enjoys the outdoors.